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Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is an IM (instant messaging) communications platform that allowing people to connect anywhere and anytime. The system operates under different operating systems as well as on mobile devices and personal computers. Lync provides the ability to organize and conduct meetings, transfer of audio and video, sharing presence, applications and screens. Also allows users to connect with each other via Skype or other popular platforms to exchange messages.


  • Works anywhere
    Lync allows users to communicate and keep in touch with colleagues and clients confidentially from anywhere.
  • Works with a variety of devices
    Suitable for all needs, enabling users to use the system with a variety of devices such as PC, smartphone, standard Internet browsers, tablets.
  • Provides diverse connectivity
    Lync connects millions of people, providing transportation audio and video, application sharing and screen, as well as sharing presence through Multiparty HD.
  • Easy handling and reliable
    Lync is a reliable platform for any kind of real-time communications.
  • Flexibility
    Lync allows you to achieve a unified model of communication corresponding to your requirements and needs.