25 Years Lirex.com - IT Innovations

Infrastructure solutions

The experience accumulated from the completion of multiple innovative projects strengthens our position as a technological leader who meets the our customers’ needs for optimization of business processes while increasing the efficiency of their companies.

Physical security

Lirex BS is a leading provider and integrator of IT-based integrated systems for physical security, systems for monitoring, control and lowering the risk in the living environment, and solutions for building security zones and citizen information support as an element of the secure urban environment.

We design, develop and maintain systems for:

  • Ensuring measurable level of physical security of sites through:
  • Perimeter security solutions L-Secure Perimeter
  • Active video surveillance and control solutions L-Secure View
  • Access control systems for people and vehicles L-Secure PAX
  • Monitoring, control and lowering of the risk in the living environment through:
  • City Video Surveillance solutions with integrated functions for active prevention of criminal conduct and behavior, traffic monitoring and management, and monitoring of environmental parameters -Safe City Project
  • Solutions for public announcement, early warning, and crisis management in urban environment with option for active feedback from the affected zone
  • Solutions for building security zones and citizens information support as an element of the secure urban environment. (Security zone characteristics: enhanced video control, videoconference connection with the Surveillance and Control Center, Help-button for signalization, and information terminal providing access to the City Information system)