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Infrastructure solutions

The experience accumulated from the completion of multiple innovative projects strengthens our position as a technological leader who meets the our customers’ needs for optimization of business processes while increasing the efficiency of their companies.

Printing solutions

Procurement costs, financing costs, maintenance costs, repair costs, cost of consumables, administrative costs. Can you still keep an overview of all those costs for your organization’s copiers, printers, scanners and fax equipment? Can you easily monitor the condition of your printing equipment?

Companies have more paper documents than they know what to do with. We’ll help you to cut costs, streamline processes and print less.

According to a survey by the market research institute Gartner, the volume of material printed within companies has doubled over the last ten years. But only 20 percent of all businesses really know exactly how high their actual printing costs are.

From a detailed analysis of the processes and needs, to tailor-made solutions developed especially to meet your needs – this is the way to go to get hold of your printing process and costs. After analysis of you needs and problems, Lirex.com can offer you the most suitable printing solution for your organization – the right printing equipment and the right management software, so you can achieve efficiency, transparency and get in control of the printing process. Lirex.com also makes all initial installations and configurations, and takes care of the support and maintenance.


Do you want to monitor the status of each device?
The printing equipment monitoring system sends information about the status of the equipment directly to the responsible person. As a result, you will be able to avoid inconvenient situations related to lack of ink, toner or other consumptives.

You want to know the exact number of copies, made by your staff?
Achieve higher transparency by implementing counters that enable you to analyze the printing and copying costs by counting and calculating the number of printed copies.

How often per month, whether in color or black & white and on which specific machine does each department or even user print or copy?
By installing specialized software we can give you the answers of those questions. You can even set certain usage rules and rights for each department/user, such as:

  • Allowed monthly amount of copies per user
  • Access restriction to color printer or function

The software also allows you to choose who can, or cannot, access the system and to what extent. In case it is needed you will be able to restrict individual user rights and to deny unauthorized access to the printing equipment.


  • Reduction of unnecessary paper consumption and the misuse of printing or copying facilities
  • Significant cost savings and the ability to optimize the document production cost
  • Increasing the functionality, effectiveness and accessibility by giving new features to the customer
  • Unique printed copy value, giving you an easy forecast of the budget
  • No initial investment need – we can provide you rich portfolio of high quality products and services without asking you for a big initial investment
  • Guarantee for continuously working equipment
  • You can easy track the performance of each department or even employee and the costs they generate
  • Easy administration
  • Environment friendly by reducing the unnecessary documents and 40% less emissions of CO2, NOx and SOx

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