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Service and support

It is our belief that an authorized service centre is recognition from the vendor, but the excellent service – a privilege for our customers.

Service and support

Our centers for timely technical support ensure the IT resources of our clients are in good working condition. All over the country, upon a chosen service agreement, our certified teams provide warranty and post- warranty maintenance, make installations and setup of technical equipment, and configuration of IT infrastructure.

Services provided by service centers:

  • Warranty service - according to warranty conditions and standards of the manufacturer;
  • Post warranty service - competitive prices and as soon as possible. Service centers have a stock of original spare parts of all manufacturers which Lirex High-Tech is service partner with - HP, Cisco, Brother, Xerox and Samsung.
  • Additional warranty - an extension of the warranty period with 1 to 3 years.
  • Subscription maintenance of information systems - the conditions depend on the specific needs of your company.
  • Service and support of your IT equipment - consulting and installation, as well as upgrade and modernization of information systems.

For contact with our service centre, please, write to support@lirex.com or call us at +359 800 20 199.